Who we are

Generation Global is the flagship education programme of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. We help young people embrace their future, equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become active, global and open-minded citizens.  

Our goal

Young people are more resilient in the face of global challenges, because education systems are more inclusive and better equipped to support their development into active and open-minded global citizens. 

What we do

We work with young people up to the age of 17, working in partnership with governments, school networks and not-for-profit organisations to help young people navigate globalisation and life’s opportunities and challenges in a peaceful way.

We offer free, flexible teaching resources for 13-17-year-olds, and high-quality training and support for teachers and schools. Our facilitated videoconferences and online global community connect students around the world.  

Why us?

Generation Global has supported more than half a million young people and trained over 13,000 teachers from more than 30 countries.  Our model has been tried and tested in partnership with seven governments and our resources are recognised as best practice by the UK Department for Education, UNESCO, the Brookings Institute and the National Council for Social Studies.

Discover the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure

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There are over 1bn learners across the world affected by disrupted education. Now more than ever, students need access to safe and inclusive learning spaces to build intercultural relationships and develop skills for global citizenship.

To support students in this time of great need, Generation Global has created The Ultimate Dialogue Adventure - a free online learning pathway for students aged 13-17, designed to connect young people all over the globe. The Ultimate Dialogue Adventure provides a fun and exciting way for students to:

• Learn the skills of dialogue: including global communication, active listening, critical thinking, questioning, and reflection,

• Explore important contemporary topics including human rights & inequality, climate change, fake news & social media as well as education.

Adventurers will also:

• Interact with peers from 30+ countries across 5 continents

• Participate in dialogue forums and video conferences

• Gain a greater knowledge of different cultures and global issues

• Earn experience points, badges, and fun titles

Created for optimum engagement & interaction, the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure is available to young people everywhere and accessible on any Internet enabled device, including those that work on low bandwidths.

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Sign up now for the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure https://adventure.generation.global/ and share with your learning community today!