Teaching Resources


Essentials of Dialogue

Generation Global's core curriculum of theory and practices for building foundational dialogue skills with young people.

Difficult Dialogue in the Classroom

An extended guide of strategies and activities for furthering skills and facilitating difficult dialogue with young people.

Generation Global Core Skills Framework

Generation Global’s learning framework of the five core dialogue skills with scaffolded outcomes and objectives aligned to key actions in the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure.

Wealth and Poverty

A resource to give young people the knowledge and understanding of what wealth means from different perspectives and how it can be translated into building wealthy communities in this globalised world.

Action Against Hate Speech

A resource designed to prepare students for dialogue around the issue of hate speech by building upon human rights and the balance of freedom of expression and freedom from insult.

The Rights of Women and Girls

A collection of learning activities that introduce the position and rights of women and girls around the world to help young people dialogue on the issue.

Climate Change

A collection of learning activities to support young people in developing an understanding of climate change and its impacts to dialogue on the issue.

Human Rights Article 18: Freedom of Belief

A resource to give young people an introduction to the concept of human rights, with particular emphasis upon freedom of belief

Quality Education

A collection of activities that guide young people in understanding what quality education means and how to support their learning communities.

Power of Narrative

Activities to support critical thinking in young people by exploring how narratives influence our beliefs, values, and perspectives.

Art of Expression

A collection of activities to support young people in reflecting on personal meaning through art and self-expression.

Peace Day

Reflection exercises to help young people explore ideas about peace found in several different world religions and traditions and to prepare for International Peace Day.

Human Trafficking

Information and activities to prepare young people for participating in dialogues about human trafficking to gain a deeper understanding of the scale and breadth of this global human rights abuse.

Teacher Companion Guide

Learn how to use the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure with your learners: English - Arabic - Spanish