Dialogue Score Card

There are so many different ways to earn points and interact in the different dialogue spaces and video conferences:

  • Learn about interesting topics – every module rewards you with a badge!
  • Earn points for demonstrating different skills and completing the topics!


Action: Conclude
Description: Finish a module
Earning: Badge
Action: Complete
Description: Complete progress tracker
Earning: 20 XP


Action: Appreciate
Description: Showing appreciation
Earning: 1 XP
Action: Receiving Feedback
Description: Receiving a like
Earning: 3 XP if your comment is Challenging or Reflecting / 2 XP if your comment is Asking / 1 XP if your comment is Sharing
Action: Share
Description: Share about own experience
Earning: 10 XP
Action: Ask
Description: Ask or pose a questions
Earning: 10 XP
Action: Reflect
Description: Sharing back thoughts and learnings from a post
Earning: 10 XP
Action: Challenge
Description: Respectfully disagree with someone's point
Earning: 10 XP
Action: Create
Description: Start a new dialogue with a post
Earning: 10 XP


Action: Register
Description: Register on the platform
Earning: Badge
Action: Build a Thread
Description: Receiving replies to a dialogue
Earning: Original dialogue poster and first level reply posters receive 1 XP for each subsequent reply