Dialogue Titles

Get to know each squad and what skills they can demonstrate. You should be able to do these things too! The higher the title, the more dialogue experience and practice you have as a member of your squad. How long will it take you to become a Dialogue Master? 

The Rookies



Should be able to do:

Dialogue Amoeba

50 XP

  • I 'like' posts because it is interesting or poses a good question
  • I can share basic information about myself such as my interests and daily life.
  • I can ask questions about people's favourite things, hobbies, or interests
  • I am learning how to challenge others when I disagree
  • When I am reflecting on a dialogue, I can give thanks for the experience and show some of my feelings

Dialogue Goldfish

200 XP

Dialogue Bull Frog

300 XP

Dialogue Toucan

500 XP

Super Crew



Should be able to do:

Dialogue Sloth

1,000 XP

  • I can say what I really like about someone's comment in the feedback
  • I share more personal information about me and my experiences using "I" language
  • I ask more open questions that seek information about lifestyles, communities, opinions and beliefs
  • I post challenging statements or questions using sentence starters like 'Thank you, I think' or 'In my opinion'
  • I can analyse the dialogue in detail and talk about what happened during the experience

Dialogue Lemur

1,500 XP

Dialogue Octopus

2,000 XP

Dialogue Moose

3,500 XP

Ultra Squad



Should be able to do:

Dialogue Pangolin

5,000 XP

  • I can explain why someone else's post is valuable for the dialogue and how it helped my understanding.
  • I share about my experiences in detail, explaining how they exist in my life and why they are important.
  • I ask response questions that cannot be answered with 'yes or no' and build a thread when in dialogue
  • I respond to other statements or questions with a challenge that is respectful in tone and uses clear language
  • I am able to say what I learned and note any new ideas or perspectives that came out of the dialogue.

Dialogue Llama

7,500 XP

Dialogue Fox

10,000 XP

Dialogue Ostrich

14,000 XP

Dialogue Masters



Should be able to do:

Dialogue Anteater

20,000 XP

  • I provide detailed feedback explaining how I value someone else's post, specifically elements that make it a good statement or questions for dialogue, and how it has inspired or impacted me.
  • I can identify and talk about the complexities of the issues/ my experiences and ensure that what I am sharing is understood clearly by others.
  • I construct questions that include plain language, without assumption or judgement, that prompts the respondent to share in detail about their own experiences.
  • I intentionally create opportunities for others to challenge what I have written (e.g. asking 'Do you agree or disagree? I'd love to learn different perspectives at the end of a post).
  • I form and respond to critical questions about the process of learning, the impact the experience has on myself and others, and think about new ways to move forward and grow.

Dialogue Wombat

30,000 XP


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